Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia was founded in 2002 in order to implement projects related to supporting lower-income members of the Jewish community, developing educational and cultural programmes, and creating conditions for perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust.

The Board of Trustees of the Jewish Community of Latvia consists of 38 members, who financially support undertakings of the Jewish Community on a regular basis.

Over the years of its operation, the Board of Trustees has implemented many significant projects in the best interests of the community, including reconstruction of the chapel at the Jewish cemetery, renovation of the synagogue, repair and equipment of the new building of the Jewish school. One of the recent successful projects is systematisation and digitization of all records associated with burials at the New Jewish Cemetery in Shmerli. The project has resulted in creation of the cemetery web page –

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia – Vitaly Gotlib.

Presidium of the Board of Trustees: Arkady Suharenko, Benjamin Kajem, Ilya Gerchikov, Alexander Milov, Igor Rapoport.

Executive Director of the Board of Trustees – Yuri Gelfgat.

Members of the Board of Trustees – Ilya Basin, Victor Brod, Efim Katz, Dmitry Krupnikov, Michail Malkiel, Yakov Strutsovsky, Vladimir Fogel.

How to Become a Member of the Board of Trustees

Any member of the Jewish community, who has received two recommendations from current members of the Board of Trustees and is ready to make monthly donations, can become member of the Board of Trustees. Please note that the organization has the status of charity organisation and income tax on the amount of donation will be reduced by 85%.

For additional information, please contact the Executive Director Yuri Gelfgat.


Yuri Gelfgat

phone: 29502314