Have you ever wanted to know, but were too shy to ask, what a mug with two handles is for, what strange threads stick out from under men’s clothes, what matzo is made of, and why a Jew needs a kippah?

Riga Synagogue invites everyone to learn more about Jewish culture and traditions and break the stereotypes.

What is on the programme? A synagogue guided tour, interactive classes and workshops at your convenience (baking challah for children and adults, creating stained glass windows with Jewish motifs, classes for women on how to look fashionable and modest), interesting lectures, meetings, conversations and much more.

For whom? Families, school and university students, work collectives, like-minded groups. 

In which language? In Russian, English and/or Latvian.

By prior arrangement kosher lunch with traditional Jewish food can be arranged.

All questions and registration via email [email protected] or phone 27 070 079 (WhatsApp).