On 3 November, the 90th anniversary celebrates the Doctor of History, long-time leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia, Professor Dr. habil. Hist. Leo Dribins.
Prof. Dribins is the author of numerous books and publications, and is one of the most eminent specialists on issues of national identity, ethnic relations and social integration in Latvia. 
Since 2016, Mr. Dribins has been the President of the Latvian Association of Jews – Former Ghetto and Concentration Camp Prisoners.
Leo Dribins was born in Liepāja. His father died in the Holocaust, his mother, a Latvian, managed to obtain a fictitious certificate that Leo had been baptised before the war, thus saving her son from the tragic fate of other Jews.
The Jewish community wishes the jubilee good health, energy and joy of life!
Photo: Boriss Kaplans