Kids aged 2-3 received the cheerful book “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel!”. This song-book was written and drawn by Israeli writer and artist Shahar Kober and translated by Michael Lipkin. Let’s immerse ourselves in Hanukkah anticipation and spin the dreidel together with the adorable mice and other animals. Play the dreidel, sing a song with us, and wait for the beautiful Hanukkah miracles. 


We treated children 4-5 to a wonderful winter fairy tale “The Three Magical Dreidels” by the beloved author of The Pajama Library, Eric Kimmel. The whole family is getting ready for Hanukkah, except for the boy Yasha sitting and playing – endlessly playing with his new dreidel. His mother sends him to the well for water, where he also starts playing his dreidel. But in bad luck, the dreidel fell down the well and ended up in the hands of the well demon. However, he was not angry at all, and gave the boy replacement of the dreidel, a much better one – as soon as he turned it, miracles started happening. 


Children aged 6-8 met real Jewish knights of the Round Table! The book “The Eight Knights of Hanukkah” by Leslie Kimmelman, translated by Olga Varshaver, was a special delight to them. Hanukkah traditionally lasts eight days, and it was the last day of the holiday – the whole family gathered around a large round table and prepared to have fun, but it didn’t happen. An evil dragon called Strahalud wanted to spoil everything. He hurt the little one, burned his dreidel, upset the beautiful lady, and saddened everyone around him. Will the valiant Knights of Hanukkah be able to cope with the terrible beast? They are already rushing to the rescue! Ahead of them are many feats! 


Books from “PJ Library” are fascinating Jewish fairy tales and stories in Russian for children from 2 to 8 years old. To all subscribers we give out 10 books a year. 

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