On 21 October, in Riga Jewish Community House (Skolas iela 6, Riga), from 10.00 a.m., will be held a further education seminar for teachers “The Jewish Heritage of Latvia in the Teaching Process. The importance of memories”, during which the book entitled “Es gribēju par kaut ko kļūt. Latvijas ebreju meiteņu dienasgrāmatas. 1934-1941” will be presented.

Representatives of the Museum “Jews in Latvia” will present the memories and interviews in the Museum’s collection, and teacher and museum educator Danute Grīnfelde will share her experience of using individual memories in the teaching process. The programme of the event will include a discussion on “Memories in historical communication: how they help and hinder”, the publication of the book “Es gribēju par kaut ko kļūt. Latvijas ebreju meiteņu dienasgrāmatas. 1934-1941” and a guided tour – presentation of the interactive lesson  “(Ebreju) jūgendstila stāsti”.

The book “Es gribēju par kaut ko kļūt. Latvijas ebreju meiteņu dienasgrāmatas. 1934-1941”, which will be available free of charge to all participants of the seminar, contains the diaries of three Latvian Jewish girls – Annie Hackelson, Hanna Bloch and Sheyna Gram. The girls grew up in very different environments, spoke different languages at home, described different parts of their lives, but they all share a tragic fate – their deaths in the Holocaust in 1941. All three diaries tell the story of lives not lived. Their publication gives their stories a chance to be told. 

The seminar, organised by the Riga Jewish Community and the Museum “Jews in Latvia” in cooperation with the Association of History and Social Studies Teachers, is open to history, social studies, cultural studies teachers, museum educators, classroom teachers and other educational staff. Participants should apply their attendance at [email protected] by 19 October. The workshop is a training programme agreed with the Riga City Council and teachers will receive certificates (6 qualification hours) for their participation.

Entry is subject to a valid Covid-19 vaccination or re-vaccination certificate together with proof of identity. Participants may be eligible for partial reimbursement of travel expenses.

The project is co-financed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Riga City Council within the framework of the Public Integration Programme.

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