The Memory Preservation Project was created by the “Hesed” Social Centre of the Riga Jewish Community to help its clients retain control over their cognitive skills for longer. As part of the project, trainers provide individual sessions with clients. With your support we would like to raise 4000 euros to purchase learning and development materials for more than 100 clients of the centre. Together, we will help people to enjoy life and remember!

As people get older, their memory fails more and more often, and familiar movements and actions are no longer so easy. It is always difficult to accept that your body is beginning to fail you. Unfortunately, many of the clients of the “Hesed” Social Centre face similar difficulties.

There are currently no effective methods for dealing with age-related changes in your body, but it is in our power to support cognitive skills and improve the lives of our clients.

Together with you we can purchase the necessary learning and developmental materials:

Drawing books – 100 pieces

Coloured pencils – 100 sets

Modelling clay – 100 sets

Workbooks – 100 sets

Glue sticks – 100 pcs.

Scissors – 100 pieces

Paints – 100 sets

Coloured paper – 200 sets

Brushes – 100 sets

Felt-tip pens – 100 sets

Printer paper – 50 packs

Portfolio folders – 100 packs

Coloring books – 100 packs

Jigsaw puzzles with large pieces – 50 pieces

Dominoes – 50 sets

Embroidery playsets – 50 units

Wooden beads for stringing – 50 pieces

Mosaics (diamond, thermal, etc.) – 50 pieces

Games for memory development – 50 pieces

Bingo games – 50 units

On September 15th, our project will start collecting money to purchase learning and development materials for more than 100 clients of the “Hesed” Social Centre, who are members of the Memory Preservation Project.

Anyone interested can also donate items from the list themselves or any games for developing fine motor skills and memory retention. The only condition is that the items must be new. Thank you for your understanding and support!

It’s not the amount you donate that counts, but your willingness to join the project! You can donate by payment card or PayPal.

Anything over and above the amount needed to purchase the materials will be used to support the centre’s clients.

Details of the donation:

“Rīgas Ebreju kopiena”, biedrība

Reģ. Nr. 40008000511

Rīga, Skolas iela 6, LV-1010

Bank: “Swedbank”

Account: LV35HABA0551050498072

Payment purpose: Ziedojums Tolam 8