If you or your children would like to learn about Judaism in an easy and non-intrusive way, get inspired by the summer children’s project “Discovering Judaism through Art and Creativity” and feel free to contact Peitav Shul – Riga Synagogue.

10 weeks were spent together with children, organising 10 wonderful meetings with experts in art, creativity, music and culinary arts.

Creation of a cartoon and stained-glass windows, a game-quest, caskets in the technique of “decoupage”, weaving and baking of halah, an introduction to musical instruments, painting of walls of a sukka (a special tent for the Jewish holiday Sukkot) and creation of own Hanukkah for the holiday Hanukkah (Light holiday) has plunged children into the amazing world of realization of their ideas.

In each meeting from 10 to 18 kids participated. They were introduced to the synagogue, the interior and the objects of worship (mezuzah, talit, siddur, shofar, Torah scroll), the Jewish holidays and the cycle of the year, learned about coming out of Egypt, giving the Torah, building and then the destruction of the Temple.

The friendly atmosphere and kosher lunch perfectly complemented the meetings. We hope that new interesting and informative projects for children and adults will take place soon!